Career Advice For the Unemployed Blue Collar Worker

Portrait of a worried warehouse worker

What Career Building Advice For The Unemployed Blue Collar Worker do you have for the person who only wants to enjoy their time off and leisurely look for work? I think that’s a great choice, so long as you have the Finances and a good Contingency Plan in place just in case you don’t get called back or it’s harder to find a job than you thought.

For example, If you enjoy Fishing, go do some, enjoy yourself, you deserve it. However, you’re Plan should have time set aside in it for what I call Office Hours. Now during Office Hours, you need to do some work, every day you will need to, answer calls, do some emails, maybe even go meet some prospective employers. If you’re going to want to spend your time enjoying your time off, then at least be efficient. Hire someone else to do almost everything for you to help you find and get a job.

Here are several steps you could take to be successful even while fishing, and don’t feel guilty about fishing or as though somehow you’re shucking your responsibilities for finding gainful employment, your not. You’re just saying I’m not going to waste my time doing all the tedious tasks.

Go online and go to for example (there are dozens of other companies and sites where you can get this same service).

Hire a Resume Writer and have them create your Resume.

Hire a Virtual Assistant – VA, for nearly minimum wage and have them collect job leads, while you fish.

Have them email you only the best leads.

Have your VA do some research on the leads that they send you.

Have the VA set some Informational Interviews up for you, so you can get some inside info before you ask for the job.

Follow through with your Plan.

Go back Fishing.

Unemployment doesn’t have to be purgatory, if you approach the experience with an open mind. You can actually enjoy yourself and be efficient all at the same time.